Rhythm of Worship
DECEMBER 5, 2021

Celebrating the church year is a guard against secularism. Being aware of the Christian calendar also helps us enter into the life of Christ, because the calendar follows Christ from his first advent during advent season to his eternal reign on Christ the King Sunday. Come and see how understanding Church Year can enliven and give shape to your spiritual life.

Reading Luke for Life
JANUARY 9, 2022

The Church is in Year C of the lectionary cycle, which means that most of our Sunday gospel readings will be from Luke. Luke wants his readers to be cemented with certainty about what they have been taught, and to be relieved of their fear of Rome. Just as those early believers feared Rome, many Christians today fear the moral confusion of today's culture and the increasing reach of secularism. It is time for us to hear Luke's message again.

How to Use the Book of Common Prayer for Personal Prayer
FEBRUARY 13, 2022

The Book of Common Prayer is a goldmine of of wisdom that can bring you into a deeper knowing of God and the prayer life of the Church. And here's the good news: you don’t have to know very much about the BCP to benefit from its treasures This class will help you get started.

The Bible's Original Language: Symbol
APRIL 3, 24, MAY 8, JUNE 12

 What if you were told there’s an easier way to learn the Bible’s original language than learning Greek or Hebrew? 

The Hebrew Roots of Saint Mary
SEPT 18 @ 11:30 AM
Co-Creating With the Creator
OCTOBER 23 @ 11:30 AM

 Thinking of God as a Creator invites us to participate in our own creativity while working in tandem with His creative work within us.  Join Jessica Walters as she leads us in this fascinating workshop.

Who was Right: James or Paul?
NOVEMBER 27 @ 11:30 AM

Whereas St Paul said we are "justifed by faith alone" (Eph 2:8-9), St James said, "a person is justified by works and not by faith alone."

Liam Marsh will lead us in a discussion these two men and their messages.

  • Are these two holy men in conflict?
  • How do their differeing messages impact how we live?